Tissot pocket watch Lepini Mechanical 51mm silver manual winding brass with palladium finish T861.405.99.033.00

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Tissot Lepine Mechanical pocket watches combine history and tradition with modern skills. This collection offers a classic round pocket watch with different dial designs, always retaining a vintage air thanks to the thin hands that give the piece a nostalgic aura. It is possible to opt for the particular transparent case that reveals the beauty and complexity of the movement or to keep it secret by choosing a more classic or modern style.



A Tissot mechanical movement contains an average of 100 finely crafted components. The balance wheel represents the heart of the movement and ensures its accuracy. By making a constant oscillatory movement, the balance wheel and the relative spring divide the time into equal parts, accurately adjusting the movement of time advancement. The movements of the balance wheel, called oscillations, determine the famous "ticking" of the watch. The total oscillations of the wheel of the wheel are equivalent to 385,000 revolutions per day.



Case material Brass case with palladium finish

Diameter 51.00 mm

Mineral glass


Swiss movement, mechanical

Model ETA 6497

Caliber 16 1/2 '' '

Jewelery 17

Mechanical Energy

Power reserve 46 hours

HMS dial


Silver colour

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