Montblanc Great Characters Walt Disney fountain pen special edition tip M 119834

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The name Walt Disney has always been linked to the art of animated films and the history of American cinema. From his initial idea of ​​perfecting the technique of animated drawings, an empire of unimaginable proportions arose. Born in 1901 in Chicago, Walter Elias Disney became one of the most influential and revered film producers of his time, thanks to his pioneering spirit and his creative ability. The overall shape of the writing instrument is inspired by the legendary Disney monorail, while the colors refer to the original poster of the short film “Steamboat Willy” (1920), representing Mickey Mouse. The body and cap in matt black precious resin conceal some images of Mickey Mouse, while on the upper part of the cap there is the signature of Walt Disney. A series of coordinates engraved on the cone celebrates an element of great importance in Disney's early career. These coordinates provide the exact location of the garage belonging to Walt Disney's uncle, where Walt Disney and his brother had set up a small shooting room

Ident No. MB119834


ClipPlatinum finish

BodyBlack precious resin with 3D Mickey Mouse head

HoodBlack precious resin



Writing systemFountain pen

NibHand crafted Au585 / 14 K rhodium-coated gold nib with special design


Cut itM.




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