Montblanc Sphere Pen George Gershwin Donation Pen 119879

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The Montblanc Donation Pen collection pays tribute to the most famous classical musicians of the past. Donation Pen supports carefully selected cultural projects by pioneering artists from a l l over the world, giving back twenty euros for the purchase of every stylography and ten euros for the purchase of every ball pen or roller. This year's edition pays tribute to George Gershwin, an American composer and pianist. The clip is in the form of a clarinet: a tribute to the overture of the "Rapsodia in blue" by Gerswhin, played by a clarinet. The hood ring is decorated with the Brooklyn Bridge image, symbolizing George Gershwin's close connection to his hometown. The body and the hood are made of precious black resin with platinum finish details. The special gift pack also contains three prints from the Brooklyn Bridge.




Writing system:Sphere pen


Dimensions:12.7 mm

Weight:85.78 g

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