Montblanc elegant men's belt black / brown 30mm reversible adjustable 114412

SKU: 114412

$219 $231

Horseshoe curved pin buckle in polished stainless steel. Reversible and self-adjustable black and brown leather strap, 3 cm x 120 cm.


Material: Calfskin

Finish: Polished

Strap: Reversible brown / black leather strap

Buckle Mechanism: Mechanism for length adjustment

Shape: Rectangular with curved end

Emblem location: Montblanc logo

Color: Black | Brown


Dimensions: 1200x30x5 mm

Finishes / Emblem: The emblems are manually centered, one by one, by our craftsmen. The emblem is positioned in the center, but the pressing operation carried out manually with the appropriate machinery could cause it to move or rotate. This is a feature that does not compromise the aesthetics of the product, therefore according to our policy it cannot be accepted as a complaint.

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