Spicy Horn 15cm porcelain gold decoration CR8R

Spicy Horn 15cm porcelain gold decoration CR8R


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"Scaramantic Symbols"

Making a sauce in the past, it is possible to find an ancient symbolism linked to this particular object, spread in different cultures and traditions.

The idea that this object brought good luck to the wearer, you think, dates back to the prehistoric period, because He was clearly compared to the strength of animals endowed by nature with their own coma cells.

Not by chance, in fact, the Great Wall The characters of the story, used the coma as an ornament, but above all Symbol of strength and divine power.

From then on, to echo the ancient power of the leaders, they began to build small croissants. of different material.

In Naples, this object became a cult and symbol of popular tradition, as we know it today.

In the past, but also today, it was believed that this small object was useful for Remove the bad luck or even the evil eye.

However, superstition aside, today represents one of the cult objects that almost no one can do without.

In any case, since a little luck never hurts, it's good to own one, you never know how far it will take you away. Really bad luck.

"If you want your croissant to bring real luck, you have to buy one that is handmade, because it will be the same 'artist' who will infuse positive vibes into the object."


Spicy Horns

Material: Hand decorated porcelain

Colour: Red/Gold

Length: 15cm

Diameter: 7cm

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