Montblanc fountain pen Patron of Art Homage to Napoléon Bonaparte limited edition 4810 tip M 127033

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The Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Napoléon Bonaparte is dedicated to a historical figure whose existence had a far-reaching impact. The glory of Napoleon relives in the “talking architecture” style of the famous Parisian palaces built during his reign. In addition to architecture, other sectors such as painting, sculpture and decorative arts also flourished under his leadership. The design is inspired by the neoclassical style. The motif with bees in gold on dark blue lacquer is inspired by the Napoleonic throne at Fontainebleau, while the sword-shaped clip shows Napoleon's “N”. The engraving on the top of the cap - a laurel wreath, an imperial crown and an eagle - takes up the emblem of Napoleon's coronation. The cap is crowned with the Montblanc emblem in precious resin. The end of the clip is decorated with a red gem that takes up the coronation ring of Josephine, Napoleon's wife. In homage to Napoleon Bonaparte, the Au 750 solid gold nib features a portrait of Napoleon with the typical bicornuate.

Ident No. MB127033


Clip Yellow gold finish

Body Blue lacquer body enriched with stamp and special motif

Hood Hood in blue lacquer enriched with stamp and special motif

Blue color


Size M


Dimensions 147x20.7 mm

Weight 94.5 g

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