Montblanc fountain pen Patron of Art Homage to Moctezuma I Limited Edition 87 pieces 125527

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Moctezuma I was crowned ruler of the great Aztec empire in 1440, thus starting the golden age of the Aztecs. During his reign, which lasted almost thirty years, Moctezuma I defined the image of the Aztec empire we know today: a state rich in culture and mythology. An Aztec-style turquoise mosaic decorates the cap, while the body is made of cocobolo, a special wood from Central America. The mosaic is handmade, so each of the 87 pieces is slightly different from the other and is finished with gold inserts with jade cabochons and Aztec motif in the center. The special gold treatment creates a vintage look. The cap design is inspired by the atlatl, with its handle characterized by a wrapped thread. A triangular-cut green jade crowns the spear-shaped clip, embellished with an engraved quetzal feather, while the top of the clip is reminiscent of the traditional Aztec nose ornament. The cone shape, embellished with a hammer-like finish, is inspired by an Aztec sacrificial knife with an obsidian blade. The hand-crafted Au 750 solid gold nib is adorned with a fine engraving inspired by the Aztec glyph representing the heart, while another glyph, engraved on the front, represents Moctezuma I's middle name: Ilhuicamina. The Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl on the top of the cap is integrated into the engraving of an Aztec sun disk. The four gold stepped bands on the body are a special reference to the Templo Mayor, as is the edition of the limited edition of 87 pieces. The number refers to the year 1987, when the Templo Mayor was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ident No. MB125527

CLIP champagne tone gold finish BODY The body is made of cocobolo, a special wood from Central America. HOOD The hood is decorated with an Aztec-style mosaic of turquoise. COLOR Red
WRITING SYSTEM Fountain pen NIB Solid gold Au 750 nib in champagne shades, with special engraving inspired by the Aztec glyph representing the heart
DIMENSIONS 150x 31.2x 31.2 mm WEIGHT 164.36 g

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