Montblanc Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 1898 fountain pen tip M 127177

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In 2021 Montblanc pays tribute to the visionary Enzo Ferrari: car driver and entrepreneur, he founded the legendary Scuderia Ferrari and gives life to an international empire, whose name is now synonymous with superb quality and a passion for speed. Made of metal and treated to reflect the structure of a “Ferrari 125 S” engine, this writing instrument pays homage to the meticulous craftsmanship of the Ferrari ateliers. The top of the cap is crowned with a resin Montblanc emblem reminiscent of frosted glass and is set in a metal grille. The rear of the hood sports the prancing horse, emblem of Ferrari cars. The metal clip is decorated with a famous quote from Enzo: “Passion cannot be described, it can only be experienced”. The accessories are finished in red lacquer - inspired by the color of the first car “Ferrari 125 S”. The cone shows two important dates for Enzo Ferrari's career. The hand-crafted Au750 solid gold nib is engraved with the steering wheel “Ferrari 250 GTO” and Enzo Ferrari's nickname - “Il Commendatore”.

Ident No. MB127177

DIMENSIONS 147.5x 16.2 mm WEIGHT 90.23 g

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