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Davite & Delucchi gold ring 18kt emerald 2,14ct diamonds Baguette

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The emerald is a variety of beryllium, characterized by an intense green colour, probably due to the presence of chromium (up to 0,19%) and possibly vanadium and iron. Only the presence of chromium makes beryllium an emerald; beryllium in which only vanadium is present should instead be called Berry green.

In Buddhism it is considered one of the seven treasures and equated to WisdomYeah. The word "emerald" comes from Latin emeraldfrom the Greek emerald (emeralds), but its original source is exmargada semitic term, or Maragataa Sanskrit term, which literally means "green stone."

Emeralds tend to have numerous inclusions and cracks on their surface. Unlike diamonds, where integrity is measured using a 10x standard magnification lens, in emeralds it is measured with the naked eye.

Ident: 0407A

Material: Gold yellow and white 18 kt

Stone: emerald and diamonds

Cutting emerald: emerald

Carati Smeraldo: 2,14 ct

Diamonds cut: Baguette

Carati Baguette: 0,94 ct

Baguette colour: G

Purity Baguette: VVS

Measure: 13

Weight: 6,40 gr

Gender: Donna

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