Capodagli 18kt white gold ring 1.72ct ruby ​​and diamonds

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Ruby is the noblest monocrystalline variety of aluminum oxide (Al2OR3), a mineral known as corundum, which is strongly allochromatic. It has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale.

The Mohs scale is an empirical criterion for evaluating the hardness of materials. It takes its name from the German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs, who conceived it in 1812. It takes as a reference the hardness of ten minerals numbered progressively from 1 to 10, such that each is able to scratch what precedes it and is scratched by the one that precedes it. follows.

Ruby has a lively red color, due to chrome inclusions, but can take on various shades of this color, ranging from the brightest red, also known as "pigeon blood", to pink.

The ancient Indians called the ruby ratnaraj, that is "the king of precious stones".

Ident: 0018A

Material: 18 kt white gold

Stones: Ruby and Diamonds

Ruby cut: Oval

Ruby Carats: 1.72 ct

Diamond Cut: Brilliant

Brilliant Carats: 0.76 ct

Brilliant purity: VVS

Brilliant Color: G

Size: 14

Weight: 5.80 g


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