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Pietro Capodagli

The origins

As soon as he returned from military service in 1935, Pietro Capodagli began learning the art of repairing watches.

In 1937 he opened his first watchmaking shop and laboratory in Montebello (Orciano di Pesaro).
This is the beginning of our business.

Watchmaking Goldsmiths Silverware

Pietro Capodagli

In 1959 the business moved to the main street of Orciano di Pesaro and, thanks also to the help of his wife Ivonne, the small watchmaking workshop was transformed into a complete jewelery shop.

Watchmakers Association of Italy

Brand N ° 283

In 1972 Pietro Capodagli becomes the 283th watchmaker in Italy.

Master of Commerce

40 years of business

In 1983 the Italian General Confederation of Commerce and Tourism certifies that Pietro Capodagli was awarded the honor of Master of Commerce for having worked in the commercial sector for more than forty years.

Capodagli Jewelery


The success with the shop in Orciano pushes Pietro, his wife Ivonne and their children Ilario and Noemi to take the big step towards Senigallia, a much larger city than Orciano di Pesaro.
The shop located in Corso 2 giugno 45 is still our main operational headquarters.

Capodagli Jewelery


The success also achieved in the city of Senigallia will lead to the opening in September 2001 of a shop in Fano in Corso Matteotti 109 managed by Noemi.

2nd shop in Senigallia

Capodagli Gallery

In 2003 the Gallery was inaugurated in Senigallia in Corso 2 June 66.
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